Sunday, April 25, 2010

White Boys CAN Dance!

While checking out some pictures on Facebook,
I stumbled across some AMAZING pictures of TJ.
These were taken at a wedding last summer in Seattle.
And looking at them makes me happy.

tjdances2First, he attempts to get a girl to dance with him…
tjdances3When that fails, he starts strutting his stuff solo. 
One girl joins in, but the rest look on in disbelief.
tjdancesPretty soon, everyone has gathered to check out TJ’s dance moves.
This appears to be the running man.
Note my face in the background…
that smile says “I know he looks like a fool, but he is my husband and I love him anyway!”


TJ Grier said...

You're all jealous :)

The Jolley Family said...

I give my husband that same look ALL the time! Hahaha!

Wade and Christie said...

How funny! Husbands have so many hidden "talents"! At least he can make you laugh!