Tuesday, April 6, 2010


The hardest part of living in Ohio is living so far away from family.
my sister lives in Ohio too!
This works out well for me because I like my sister.
It would really suck if I hated her.
This also works out well for Riker because he can see some of his cousins.
I mean, right now he doesn’t really care…
but as he gets older he might care.
So that will be nice.

This is cousin Matthew.cousins3Matthew is 10 months old.
Sometimes he tries to eat Riker.
Which is fair, because Brody (my other sister’s baby) tries to eat Matthew.
It’s all about the chain of command.
Once the next baby is born
(and who knows when that will be)
Riker will be able to eat him
(or her…whatever).

This is cousin Amy. 
cousins Amy is 3.
Amy likes to pet Riker’s head.
And she always asks to hold him.
But usually is done after about 10 seconds.
Riker likes to be held…even if it is just for 10 seconds.

Riker has some other cousins, too.
Three to be exact.
And those 3 cousins are super cute too…
potters See!
So cute!
I’m sure Riker will be just as uninterested in these cousins as he is in Amy and Matthew
but he hasn’t met these cousins yet.
Maybe these cousins should come visit Riker.
(or maybe Riker should go visit these cousins)

So to bring this long post to an end…
Riker likes his cousins.

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Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

In Brody's defense, he couldn't help it that at the time he tried to eat Matthew, Matthew was so small he looked like food. I yes, I think you visiting us is definitly needed!