Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bumbo Baby

We bought Riker a bumbo.
He isn’t quite sure if he likes it yet.
toys 006

He’s still working on the whole “holding his head up” thing
so he only sits in it for a few minutes at a time.
Sometimes he smiles…
sometimes he cries…
most of the time he just sits there and stares at me.
Oh, we also bought him a giraffe.
toys 010I picture this giraffe being Riker’s best friend.
You know, the friend that he has to carry with him everywhere and snuggles with at night.
But if this friend is going to be part of our family, he needs an awesome name.
Nothing lame, like “Mr. Giraffe” or “Geoffrey” or “Jeffrey”.
And nothing too over the top, like “Sir Reginald Flufferbottom the Third”
(mainly because we are saving that name for our next child)
So what should we name the giraffe?


cindy said...

Mrs. Nesbitt :)

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...


Jessica said...


mamajo said...

We have a rooster in our kitchen that we named Herkamer (don't really know how to spell it)... You can use that name if you like it!

Brenden+Nikki said...

He is so cute!! So so cute! (Riker. Well the Giraffe is cute too, but I was mainly referring to Riker).

I can't really help with the name though. We are SO uncreative with names in our household. If Collin is playing with an owl it's called "Mr. Owl." If he's playing with his duckling it's called "Mr. Duck." You get the idea. So if you have any leftover names, let me know. We could use one.

Tyler and Karisa said...

I think you should call him something like Jerribald the Giraffe and nickname him Jay or Jerry for short... I don't know.. I stink with that whole name thing. Our old snake was named Snakey for goodness sake. Ha ha! He definitely looks so cute in the Bumbo though!