Saturday, April 17, 2010

AZ: Part One

Riker and I are currently in Arizona.
It's sunny.
And hot.
And wonderful.
Riker did great on the plane.
He slept through take off.
And landing.
And most of the flight.

We are only halfway through our trip, but here are some of the highlights thus far:

Riker met my grandparents
(also known as Big Poppa and Old Grandma)

And Riker went swimming.
Well, he got his toes wet at least.
The water is still too cold for me to get in
so it is definitely too cold for him!

We've also eaten at some of my favorite restaurants
(including, but not limited to, Gecko Grill, Flancers, and Ned's Crazy Subs).
We also got to see some friends.
Do I have pictures of any of these events?
Of course not.
I keep forgetting to pull my camera out.
But I have a million mental pictures!

Still on our list of things to do:
*go to a Diamondbacks game
*get a tan
*visit even more friends
(if I haven't seen you yet, call or text me! I want to see everyone!)
*eat even more food
(including, but not limited to: Costa Vida, Cafe Rio, Pete's, Mangos, and Sweetcakes...if any of these sound appetizing to you, call me! We'll do lunch!)

And, to end this post, one more picture of the world's cutest 3 month old:


Jonny and Brittany said...

SO cute! We really should get together! I don't have your number any more though! Text me at 480-254-4709!:)You should come over to the San Tan has really yummy food!!

Ron and Paula said...

Lisa, my girls and I want to see you and Riker! Cindy said we should do lunch this week. What day would work best for you? Mon, Tues, or Wed would probably be good for us. Let us know and any of those spots you mentioned sounded yummy!

Wade and Christie said...

Finally back in AZ! How long are you staying? I would love to meet Riker!

Kristin said...

Yummm... I get to go to Pete's with you! Call me or Teresa and we'll do lunch! Yummm....