Friday, March 5, 2010


Guess what!?

Chicken butt

No, but seriously…guess what!?

I just bought a plane ticket.

Riker and I are flying to Arizona in April.

April 12 to April 25.

So excited.

I plan to:

eat my weight in Mexican food

sit in the sunshine

and see all my friends

So clear your calendars.



Summer said...

uhhhh you didnt even mention hanging out with your favorite sister! you did after all text me at 7:30 am ( I was still sleeping) and ask me if I would be home by then. I am sooo excited!!

lisa said...

uhhhh...didn't you see where I said "and see all my friends"? You are my sista-friend. Duh!

Lindsey said...

Yeah for tax refunds! Can we come with you?

Wade and Christie said...

How exciting! It would be so nice to meet Riker!

Jessica said...

Where will you be staying... because if you're here and Sum-Bum is here... then one of you is sleeping either a) on the couch OR b)in a tent outside......

Ryan and Alisha said...

HORRAY!!! I'm so excited!!

Jen Olson Brown said...

Yay!!! Welcome back (no matter how brief)!