Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Riker is almost 2 months old.
Crazy, I know.
Time flies when you are sleep deprived!
We have seen a lot of changes in Riker lately.

Change #1: His diapers


Riker used to wear newborn sized diapers.
Now he wears size one diapers.
This change made me sad.
Mainly because newborn diapers are much cuter.

Change #2: Arm Rolls
arm rolls

When Riker was born, he had no arm rolls.
Now his arms are all sorts of chunky.
And there is nothing cuter than chunky baby arms.

Change #3: Chubby cheeks


Riker’s cheeks are all sorts of chubby now.
And just like his chunky arms, his chubby cheeks are adorable.
Sometimes I just want to eat his face…
but that would be awkward.

Change #4: SMILES!

smiles   This is definitely my favorite change!
His smiles are inconsistent…
therefore difficult to capture with my camera.
But seeing his chubby cheeks squish up when he smiles just melts my heart.


Wade and Christie said...

Newborn diapers really are the cutest. As the diaper gets bigger they are less cute AND unfortunetly there aren't as many in a pack.

jamee said...

Lisa, he is SOOO stinking cute!!

Brenden+Nikki said...

hee hee cute post. I remember giving my sis-in-law a bunch of newborn diapers that we had leftover and when I held them up to look at them, I almost started crying. They were just so tiny looking compared to the ones he wears now! I just can't even believe he used to be that little. I love Riker's little cheeks. It's totally normal to want to eat your baby's face. ha ha wow I sound like a psycho, but let's be honest here. I kiss Collin's face all the time because I just like to feel his cheeks squish under my lips. They like it, so why not? :). And first smiles are the best - especially when they're fleeting because you'll act like a complete crazy just to try to get one out of him. Brenden and I sat in front of Collin and squealed at him for like 15 minutes just to get a smile that lasted 4 seconds and we clapped and cheered like crazy.

ha ha, having babies sure brings out the best in people! :)

cindy said...

Its not just the diapers that are less cute...its the contents! but pretty soon he will smile while hes doing it, thats cute!