Sunday, March 21, 2010

Riker’s Blessing

Sunday, March 21, 2010
Riker James Grier was given
a name and a blessing.
We were so lucky to have so much family come out for this special day!

(And yes, my bangs are in my face in every single picture. I’ve come to terms with it. You should, too)

large group

TJ and I both had family members come out.
We loved getting to see our families!

4 gen

4 Generations


Tom and Deb came out from Washington to meet their very first grandbaby.

tom    Riker's Blessing 064phil

And Grandpa Phil met his first great-grandbaby!

lewis fam

And the Lewis clan was able to come out too!
(Except for the Potter family and Summer…we missed them tons!)


Grandma and Papa Lewis loved seeing their 6th grandbaby…
especially since he’s the cutest one!

jessicaRiker's Blessing 026

And the newest Lewis, Bernerd, spent some time with Riker too!
(Bernerd is kind of like the Travelocity gnome…he traveled around with the fam on their spring break trip since Jess was tired of having her picture taken all the time.)  

Riker loved all the attention he got this weekend and will definitely miss all the loves and hugs and kisses he received.

Oh, and remember how I am so super excited for my trip to AZ?!
Well, here’s the proof that this trip is very much needed:

legs       Lindsey and I have become lily white while we’ve been living in Ohio, so some time in the sun is pretty much a necessity right now.


Brenden+Nikki said...

Looks like it was a beautiful day! YAY for little Riker! (And mom and dad too of course!) :)

Summer said...

ohhh my heck I want jessicas outfit. she is so cute. and lisa and lindsey.. you will never be tan because you have been white your whole life! haha can't wait to see you! cute pink dress by the way

Karen said...

I'm glad your family got to come out and share your special day! And I really like your pink dress, so cute! And, too bad I live in AZ year round and my legs are just as white, or whiter than yours! Call us when you get to AZ! :)

Jen Olson Brown said...

Congratulations Baby Grier!

Wade and Christie said...

YAY! Well I think my legs are just about as white as yours...I keep telling myself (like every year before) that THIS year I WILL get a tan! Haha we will see.

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

I love the hot pink dress... definitly as cute as you described! Plus, I love the shoes.. but I do think I love Jessie's shoes the the best! Finally, it's moments like these that make me sad we all live so far away! I wish we were there!

Derek & Kellyn said...

Gtetting so big, its crazy! Ihope you're enjoying it. Lovin the hot pink on ya!