Saturday, November 14, 2009

OSU Game

People in Ohio take their football very seriously.
You are either and OSU Buckeye fan...or you are shunned.
When we knew we were coming to OSU, we knew football tickets were a must.
Unfortunately, OSU football tickets sell out in about .5 seconds...
so we were not able to attend any OSU games this season.
Until today.
We bought a couple of tickets from some friends.
This was the last home game of the season.
And apparently it was a big deal.
Like, if we won this game we would get a Bowl game.
And apparently, Bowl games are important.
We donned our scarlet and grey gear.
Plus a Buckeye necklace made for me by a friend in the ward.
*Fact: Buckeye nuts are poisonous. Don't eat them.
It was a thrilling game
and I actually was able to keep up with almost everything that was going on.
At the end of the fourth quarter, it was tied.
You know what that means...
The crowd was going crazy, hoping and praying that the Bucks could pull it off.
And with a final kick of the ball, we did it!
Can you tell how happy TJ is with this victory!?
It was baby's first football game...
and according to TJ, it is definitely not his last!
Now we can say that we are true Buckeye fans!


Burke and Julia said...

I was drawn to your blog from Ryan and Tricia's because your post mentioned OSU. My husband and I are also here attending optometry school. We live in Hilliard. Maybe we'll run into you guys someday, and it'll be a funny connection. The Buckeye games are pretty fun, and people are definitely die hard.

cindy said...

Lisa your BIG necklace made you look sooooo skinny :) I am glad tj got to go to a game, but knowing his needs at game time...made me a little sad you would be eating soup from a can the next weeks!

MH said...

Hi Lisa,

Just saw your comment on my blog entering the giveaways and had to stop on over here! We took a trip to Ohio last summer and definitely learned about the football hype! Love that you are pregnant too! I'm due in February. Now I'm off to browse your blog. Thanks for visiting!

MH said...

P.S. I just read on a little more and I think we are the exact amount of weeks along!