Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kirtland, OH

My goal while living in Ohio is to see as much as possible.
Since I've never lived anywhere other than AZ, I want to experience as much as Ohio as I can.
So when some friends asked us to drive to Kirtland with them, we jumped at the chance.
We drove up on Halloween.
It was a blustery day and rained the whole way up.
But as soon as we got there, the sun started to shine!
Isn't Ohio pretty in the fall?
The Newel K. Whitney Store
A room on the second floor of the N.K. Whitney store was used as the School of the Prophets.
Joseph Smith sat here to provide instruction to the other leaders of the Church.
The Kirtland Temple...the very first LDS temple to be built.
Feel free to ignore how huge I look in these pictures...
Next to the temple was an old cemetery.
TJ thought he was funny.
It was such a neat experience to see these Church history sites.
The stories that we heard in Kirtland were not new to us.
But standing in the place where this history was create made the stories much more meaningful.


Derek & Kellyn said...

Kirland was so my favorite when I did the Church History Tour. Cool thats you're so close! Glad you enjoyed it.

Wade and Christie said...

How neat to be so close to Church history sites! Ohio is very pretty. Nice change of scenery!

Sovereign Family said...

How fun. I've been to Kirtland in the summer and it's just as pretty. :) Next stop should be Nauvoo for you. :) Miss you guys.

Laurel said...

Scenery is beautiful and so are you. You don't look huge at all. You just look like you have a big coat. I am jealous as I have been many places outside of AZ, but not to church history sites. Enjoy. and as for TJ, it was Halloween!

cindy said...

What a cute Coat...and the pictures are really good.

Ron and Paula said...

How fun! I would love to go see the church history sites. Maybe someday. :) And you do look cute!