Wednesday, July 1, 2009

OSU or Bust: Days 1 & 2

Day 1: July 1
We got up super early.
Left Gilbert, AZ around 6:30 am.
By the time we hit Flagstaff, I was dunzo.
But we pressed on.
We drove. And drove. And drove.
Finally, we saw this:

We made it to New Mexico.
We drove on a few more hours and reached our first stop.
Albuquerque, NM.
We stayed in the ghetto.
Motel 6 is scary...but cheap.

Day 2: July 2
We planned on leaving Albuquerque around 6 am.
Our plans changed as soon as our alarm went off.
We weren't quite ready to wake up.
But it worked out pretty good.
Our very good friends, the Johnsons, were passing through Albuquerque too!
But they were headed back to AZ.
We were able to meet up for some breakfast and visit with them.
Finally, it was time to hit the road.
We drove. And drove. And...well, you know.
Eventually, we saw this:
So far, Texas is our favorite state to drive through.
We were told to watch out for tons of road kill.
I counted:
3 armadillos
1 coyote
countless unidentified critters
But Texas was not our destination for today.
So we kept driving.
Finally, we saw a sign that said "Oklahoma State Line"
so we looked for the big "Welcome to Oklahoma" sign.
In vain.
I immediately began to dislike Oklahoma.
But then we saw this:

At a rest stop.
20 miles into the state.
Not awesome, but I'll take it.
We drove several more hours.
(Today was a LONG driving day)
We finally reached Oklahoma City, our stop for today.
We found a hotel.
Not in the ghetto.
Compared to last nights hotel, this hotel is the Ritz.
But it isn't really the Ritz.
We ain't made of money.
Tomorrow we will press on to Kansas.
We will play with the Potter's for a week.
Then finish our road trip to Columbus, OH.
Ready or not, here we come!


Wade and Christie said...

Wow! That is a lot of driving! Drive safe..keep us updated!

Wade and Christie said...

Oh hey tell Cali to email me...we can't get to their blog. I think you have our email! Thanks..and GOOD LUCK!

cindy said...

Miss you guys already

Summer said...

I love how in every picture TJ has his arms in the air looking marvelous! haha

mckayland said...

i saw your baby gadget at the top of the page. if the baby is a girl, you're naming her Lily? that is so cute! i hope you are feeling okay while you drive.

Laurel said...

Glad to see you smiling! Dramamine must still work. We miss you already! Have fun!

Meghan White said...

Hi Lisa, Congrats on the baby!! That is super exciting. We are finally having a baby too. He/She will be here the beginning of Dec. There must be something in the air, cuz there seem to be a lot of people on the baby train. Also congrats on the big move. I know that it is all exciting and scary at the same time.