Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Party Time!

The countdown is on!
In just 8 days, TJ and I will begin our trek to Ohio.
But before that can happen...
We Need To Party!
We want to have one last chance to hang out with all our friends
(and my mom offered to provide food!)
so we are having a BBQ / Pool Party

Monday, June 29, 2009
6:00 p.m.
at my parent's house

Don't know where they live?
Just ask, I'll let you know.
There will be plenty of burgers
with all the fixings.
(If you want a different meat, BYO)
Just bring a side or dessert to share.
And your swimsuit.
And probably a towel.

So if you are planning on coming by, leave me a comment.
Mom needs to know how many burgers to throw on the grill.
Can't commit?
I understand.
You can still come without an RSVP.
My mom will always overprepare.
We'll have burgers coming our of our ears.

Everyone is invited.
We will miss all our friends and want one last chance to see all of you!
Hope to see you there!


Karen said...

Horray! We want to come! Can kids come, or no kids? I have been wanting to have you guys over a night this week but it seems like so far stupid things just keep coming up, but on Monday we don't have anything so it works prefect. we'd love to come and will bring something to share. Can't wait, we love you guys so much and will really miss you!

lisa said...

Yes, kids are welcome! We'll see you on monday!

Brenden+Nikki said...

AAAHHH I could kick myself for not checking blogs more often. I seriously check because I feel like more people will be announcing pregnancies - and WHOO HOO I was right! I can't tell you how excited I am for you guys! You will do AWESOME. And I want to hear all the stories, and see all the pictures. And moving too! Whoo! A lot going on in the Grier household. We would love come to see you guys one last time (well hopefully not last as in forever and ever, but for a little bit at least). so at least count us in on the little party! (And I'm glad your mom overprepares because I'm pretty sure I could eat 5 hamburgers.

Laurel said...

I have been wondering what you are eating if everything is seriously packed. I will be compiling your box tomorrow. should I bring it to your house? Are you home? Are you living at moms? Do you guys want to come over for dinner? Call me.

The Gunnell Fam said...

We'd love to come! If you still need help with anything please let me know! Can't wait to see your family again!

The Webbs said...

Hey TJ and Lisa!!!
Congrats on the baby news thats SO exciting! And goodluck with the move cross country! We are excited to see how everything goes for you over there--and about the upcoming baby too!! Goodluck!
Andrea and Steve

Wade and Christie said...

Hey there! We are so sorry we missed it. It has been a pretty busy week. Hope you had a good turnout. So sad you are leaving. Please keep up with updating! Have a safe trip!