Monday, July 20, 2009

OSU or Bust: Days 3-10

**Pre-Post Warning: There is a lot that has happened between days 3 and 10. So be ready for mylengthy narrator. If you don't like it, don't read it. I mean, it's not like I'll know if you read every single word. There will be no quiz following this post so feel free to glance at the pictures and move on with life.**

So let's see...
where did we leave off?
Oh right.
Day 3:
The hubs and I hit the road once again.
We drove on through Oklahoma.
Found a "Welcome To Kansas" sign.
Google mapped our way to the Potter's house.
Ah, the joys of modern technology.
Without Google, I would be lost.
When we reached the Potters, we were greeted with hugs and sticky hands.
The sticky hands belonged to Keaton.
He's 2.
Dad and Jess had just flown in that same day.
Guess they missed us!
Day 4-9:
eating. sleeping. eating. adam-omni-ahman. far west. more eating. settlers. more sleeping. fireworks. liberty jail. independence. settlers. more eating. excessive sleeping. playing with the niece and nephew. settlers. over eating. over sleeping.
It was a busy week, filled with lots of fun times.

Day 10:
The worst day ever.
TJ and I loaded up and began the next part of our trek.
Destination: Dayton, OH
Distance: 610 miles
Time: 9 hrs 23 min
That time,
btw, is according to Google.
Actual time, according to me: FOREVER!
We literally drove forever and ever.
We were so tired of being in the car.
We even skipped our "Welcome To Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio" signs.
Finally we make it to Dayton around midnight.
Lindsey and Mike were in the process of moving to Dayton so we crashed with them.
And mom.
Of course my mom was there.
She can't get enough of me.
The Potter's rolled in that night too...
around 5:00 am.
There were sleeping bodies everywhere.
We just stayed the one night in Dayton.
The next day, we took off.
We finally made it to our FINAL destination.
Our new city.
Columbus, OH
We crashed with the Bodell's for a week
(thanks again!)
while we searched for a place to call home.
I had very simple requirements.
2 bedrooms. dishwasher. washer and dryer.
Sounds simple, right?
We searched for 2 whole days.
2 whole days of looking at crappy places.
I was ready to throw in the towel.
I was willing to settle for a tent.
I just wanted to be done.
Finally, we found a place that looked promising.
The website claimed that it had everything we were looking for.
So we decided to check it out.
Sure enough, it was perfect.
A 2 bedroom townhouse.
Finished basement.
Washer/dryer hookups.
I loved it.
The hubs approved.
We signed on the dotted line.
Oh, and guess what.
People around here refer to our complex as "little Provo"
Probably because 80% of the people who live here are Mormons.
We met half our ward the day we moved in.
We are still getting settled in.
We have no furniture, so we are making a trip to Ikea asap.
Pictures will follow shortly.
And that's the end of the world's longest post.


Katie said...

Whew! Sounds like quite the trip. I'm glad you found a decent place to live. I can imagine that probably got pretty frustrating. You'll have to take some pics once it's all set up!

Karen said...

I'm so glad you had some fun and saw some sights on the way up. And lucky you, knowing people along the way you could stay with. And talk about an awesome place to live, you'll have built in friends. I hope you like it, it sounds wonderful!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor, Keaton, and Brody said...

Yea for roadtrips!

Wade and Christie said...

Its nice you made it to your destination! Be sure to post pics of the new place!

Ron and Paula said...

What an adventure you are having. Sounds fun!