Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Years and Counting

TJ and I have been blissfully married for two years as of January 6, 2009. Holy smokes! I'm a huge fan of being married and think it is great fun. TJ still makes me smile and laugh and get butterflies in my stomach, so I think I will keep him around a while longer.

We have several of our wedding pictures hanging on a wall in our living room. At least several times a week, the following conversation will take place:

Me: Remember when we got married?
Him: Yeah.
Me: That was fun.
Him: Yeah.
Me: We should totally do it again sometime.
Him: (answers vary between: no, eh, and sure...but I only get the sure when he wants me to stop talking!)

But seriously, my wedding day was least the parts I remember. That's why I love looking at all my wedding pictures, so I can remember how much I loved that day. Here's just a few of my favorites!

Isn't he just delish?
My mom requires all boys marrying into the family to take a picture like this...jumping for joy. That way, anytime they complain about anything she can just show them this picture and say "remember how happy you were when you married her!"
This picture is definitely one of my favs! TJ was not loving the whole "Let's take a million pictures" thing, so to entice him into sticking around a little longer we pulled the football out and took some pictures that he could appreciate!

So, in summary...happy anniversary to me (oops, I mean us!). 
Oh, and everyone should get married. It's super fun!

PS: Remember that episode of Friends when Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe were all hanging out in wedding dresses? I totally think about doing that all the time. Is that weird?...oh well, I just really love my dress.


Summer said...

everyone should get married? so.. I should get married soon?

EmileeandJonny said...

HAHA, that is hilarious cause jonny and I totally have that same conversation all the time!! of course me the one saying let's get married again and him saying no, eh, or sure... hehe, and if you ever want to have a wedding dress party like on friends- invite me!! That sounds like fun, I miss wearing that dress, I haven't put it on since that day!

Brendan, Calli, Taylor and Keaton said...

Happy Anniversary... late! Super cute pictures and your dress is still awesome!

Katie said...

We will definitely have to have a wedding dress party.

Like, seriously.

Congrats on the anniversary! :)

Karen said...

Congratulations on your anniversary you two! We wish you many more! And Happy Birthday to you TJ. I hope it was a good one!

And I wish I hadn't borrowed my wedding dress, because if I had one, I would definitley want to hang out in mine with you and other girls. heck if you have the party, call me anyway, I don't need a dress to enjoy others' wearing theres! :)

Wade and Christie said...

Wade and I have that same conversation all the time too-of course I just get the same response like TJ's from Wade. Def let me kno if you have a dress party!