Sunday, August 3, 2008

My husband is slightly a nerd...a fact that I was not fully aware of before I married him. Sometimes, he is a nerd in the "Star Wars/Trek" way. Other times, he is a nerd in the "completely obsessed with _________" way. Currently, his obsession is his website. Since he is not working right now (did I tell you he got laid off at Countrywide? Don't worry...he was planning on quitting anyway so it isn't a bad thing!)...but since he is not working right now, he has a lot of free time on his hands before school starts, and he is trying not to go crazy from boredom. So to fill up his free time, he has been teaching himself how to do all sorts of computer-y stuff. He is very proud of his blog and he has been working hard on it. One super cool fact about his blog is that we can make money off it! Anytime someone clicks on the sponsored links we make $$$$ (like, a nickel!). So if you ever have free time, just go visit the site and start clicking away!

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Tyler and Karisa said...

I went and clicked on a couple... not gonna' lie though, I'm not so much into politics so I didn't really read anything. I did read his profile thing though and that's a cute picture of you two! Hopefully I helped make you a bit more wealthy with my clicks! Just remember that when you're rich and I'm not! Ha ha! Love you.