Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's SUMMER time!

My little sister Summer turned 18 on Aug. 6, so in honor of her birthday I give you "Ode to Summer"...18 of her BEST pictures and 18 reasons why I love her (in no particular order!)
She looks good in a tutu.

She makes the best stupid faces.
She wishes she was my twin.

She pretty photogenic......when she wants to be!
She knows how to acessorize

She likes to eat. Really, she likes to eat.
She knows how to party.
She looks good wet.

She never really joined a gang.
She's my "baby" sister
She has devil eyes.
She was homecoming queen.
She's "HOT"

She was a good bridesmaid!
She's politically active.
She can jump really well.
Oh Summy, I am going to miss you when you go away to college!


Sar Bear said...

Seriously whoever said these girls could go and grow up!?! And getting so much hotter than I ever had a chance of being! Good crap! Happy Birthday Summer!

cindy said...

You are a good sister...and yes every time I get mad at Summer...I think...shes just like lisa. Then I know every thing will be okay!