Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birfday!

So I started creating this post on Wednesday, but was way too tired to finish. Had I stayed up to finish, this would not be a belated post...because my baby sister Jessica turned 15 on Wednesday! It is absolutely crazy that Jessica is so old now! So here is my ode to Jessica...15 of her BEST pictures, and 15 things I love about her:
1. She has become a drop dead gorgeous girl!

2. Her fun personality makes it easy to be around her (unless she's mad at you!)

3. She has a REALLY loud laugh, and you can't help but laugh at her laugh.

4. She is very photogenic...

5. ...unless she doesn't want a camera shoved in her face!

6. She's willing to do almost anything for the sake of a picture!7. She looks good wet!
8. She loves to take self portraits (any time I set my camera down, the next time I pick it up there are several pics of Jessi's face!) 9. Like her sister, she could probably rock it as a model!

10. She has really increased her fashion sense (hence the glasses that are as big as her face!)

11. She makes sitting in the freezing rain seem fun.

12. She's a really good swimmer

13. She ranks second in the "stupidest faces" contest (just behind Summer!)
14. She lets me make her do things that will make me laugh.

15. See I said, so gorgeous!

So happy bday Jess...I love you and am glad mom and dad decided to adopt you 15 years ago! (totally kidding...when we were little, we used to tell Jess that she was adopted...cause we are mean sisters!)

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Aaron & Tami said...

so fun and holy cow 15 i feel so old becasue they are supposed to be the little girls. and they are growing up to fast.