Monday, December 24, 2007

We Are Family

While we were in Washington we were able to meet more of TJ's family.

This is the Grier Family, including Grandpa Jack and Uncle Steve in the front chairs, Jenda (Steve and Shon's daughter) pointing at the camera, Deb (Tom's wife) and Sal (Shon's son) are sitting with Lisa on the couch, and Shon (Steve's wife) is behind the couch. Missing from this picture are Grandma Dorothy and Tom because they were taking the pictures. The Grier's all came to Tom and Deb's house Sunday for the football game, then on Tuesday I went to Steve's to go shopping with Grandma Dorothy and Jenda. Tuesday night we all went to dinner together at this great restaurant on Silver Lake. It was great getting to know everyone!

Our last night in Washington, Deb's two sons, Jesse and Joe, and their girlfriends, Maria and Alena, came over for dinner. Both boys are really nice, and the girls were very sweet. We had a great time during dinner, laughing and enjoying ourselves.

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