Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Brr...baby, it is cold outside. Tonight, TJ was so cold and desperate for a pair of pants to wear to bed so I was generous enough to allow him to wear my fruit pants. Now you may mock the pants, but I am very proud of these fruit pants. This pair of pants is the very first thing I ever sewed on my own several years ago...and these pants are going to last forever! You only wish you had a wicked sweet pair of fruit pants. Now these pants are definitely not meant to keep anyone warm, so TJ is currently snuggled up on the couch underneath a blanket. I suppose I could tell him where I keep the sweatpants...but these pants just look so much cooler!


Lindsey said...

Hooray for the fruit pants! Man, those things are ugly... Poor TJ.

secret tattle tale said...

I remember those pants!! TJ looks good (wink wink) in them!

The Gunns Fam said...

LISA!! I can't believe i found your blog! I actually saw adrean and ahsley at the store the other day and we were all wondering about you! So how's the married life?! great of course! What have you been up to?!