Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry Christmas!

TJ and I had a wonderful Christmas this year! It was our first Christmas as the Grier's, so we wanted to make lots of memories. Our Christmas memories start with the traditional Christmas Eve Fiesta with my family. My sister Calli is here from Kansas with her family, and my sister Lindsey came out from Goodyear with her family so it was great to have everyone all together again! There was so much food, we spent the majority of the night eating. After we stuffed our faces, it was time for the sugar! TJ and I worked together to decorated our gingerbread house. It really wasn't a competition...until TJ thought it would be best to cut up the gummy bears to make more "realistic" Christmas lights. And if Taylor eating half of the frosting wasn't enough sugar for us, it was time to bust open the pinata. We let Taylor do the honors, even though it took a while longer! Afer the pinata, it was time to channel our inner "geezer" by playing a little bingo! Unfortunately, TJ and I never won but we did have fun! All these memories, and this is just Christmas Eve!

Christmas morning we were able to spend with TJ's family. We went over to TJ's mom's house and got to watch as TJ's little brother Jake opened up all his gifts. It looks like a ton of presents, and it was...the majority of them were Star Wars toys (I think TJ wished he has gotten all those toys!). We were grateful for the gifts we received from TJ's family...we weren't expecting anything since Montana had already given us a gift, so we were very grateful! After we ate breakfast with TJ's family, we headed out to my family's house. There was a lot of excitement over there all caused by the new game they got for their PlayStation...Guitar Hero III. We spent the rest of Christmas day rocking out to Guitar Hero, only pausing for short break when our arms were too tired!


Karyn and Joe said...

Lisa I LOVE your blog, I'm so happy you guys have one. Hope you guys are doing good, are you teaching this coming school year? That is amazing. We are doing good and sure do miss you guys! I love the name of your blog too, you are so creative!
-Karyn Bodell

Lindsey said...

While Lisa looks very rock-n-roll, Mike looks a little "white and nerdy."

Karyn and Joe said...

Hey just wanted to say Happy Anniversary today! Can't believe it has been a year! Make it memorable!