Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day at Roosevelt Lake

We spent Memorial Day at Roosevelt Lake and it was perfect.
The sky was overcast, so it wasn’t too hot…but the water was the perfect temperature for playing!


It took a while to find a place to set up.
The water was extremely low, so the beach areas we normally go to were far away from the water and everywhere was just rocks!
Eventually we decided to just set up on a boat ramp (it was closed since the water was too low for the boat ramp to be used!), and it ended up being perfect!


The water at the end of the ramp was shallow enough for wading, and Riker loved being able to float out and have the waves push him back in!


And of course we brought the jet skis with us.
Riker was so excited to get to drive on the jet ski…just as long as it didn’t go too fast!


But Olivia, our little daredevil, wanted to go faster and faster!
TJ took her out one time and said she was squealing with excitement the faster he went!


Riker and Olivia both had the best time, which is good since we are planning a week long trip to Lake Powell this summer!
Hopefully they love that lake as much as they loved this one!


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