Sunday, May 26, 2013

Camping (for reals!)


This weekend, TJ took Riker camping.
Not in our backyard (been there, done that!)…this time, they went off into the desert with some friends and went camping for reals!


For days leading up to the camping trip, Riker told everyone who would listen that he was going camping with his dad.
”Not mommy and not Livvy, just Riker and dad!”


He wanted to climb trees and find sticks and dig in the dirt.
And based on the pictures (and the amount of dirt I washed off him when he came home!), it seems like he met all of his goals.


Of course, not every moment was perfect.
Life as a three year old is tough and sometimes there were tears.


But the number of happy moments cancelled out the number of sad moments, so it seems like the trip was a success.


TJ was so impressed with Riker’s rock climbing skills.
And of course, you have to scream as loud as you can when you reach the top!


As they were getting ready to sleep (in a tent! outside! in a sleeping bag!), Riker told TJ that he loved camping with him and that he always wanted to go camping with just the two of them…
the moments of frustration were forgotten and the whole trip was worth it.


Definitely not the last camping adventure for these two!

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