Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Day… Another Splash Pad

We go to the splash pads a lot.
We like swimming pools too, but when its just me with two non-swimmers I am much more confident in my abilities to keep them alive at the splash pad.
Today we ventured to the Gilbert Water Tower Plaza. I’ve heard about this one from several people but haven’t ever gone.
But you best believe we will be here more often…its closer than most of the other parks we go to and smaller (smaller in this case is good…less areas for the littles to wander, making it easier to watch both at the same time!)


Riker loved it, which is good.
On our drive over, he asked if it would have a playground and when I answered no he seemed disappointed.
The other splash pads have a playground right next to them, so the kids can go from water play to jungle gym play.
Luckily, once we got there Riker didn’t seem to miss the playground!


Olivia probably would have enjoyed it more if she had a nap first.
But since she’s decided that she only needs one nap a day, her mornings are usually a bit cranky and whiny.
She would have been happier had I let her carry her Cheerios around, but since I didn’t feel like cleaning up soggy Cheerios she had to learn to cope.
And she liked it just fine…until the fountains would pop up in her face and freak her out. Then she would run to me, sit on the towel for a bit whining for a snack, and eventually waddle back out to the water.


All in all, another fun day playing in the water.
And if you are in AZ and ever need a buddy to play at the splash pad, we are in!

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