Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Extravaganza!

For the last three years, our Easter has been spent in Ohio.
And while we loved spending Easter with all of our friends there, we missed being with family.
So I was so looking forward to spending Easter with all my family this year…
and I was not disappointed!


Our Easter weekend kicked off on Saturday with some egg coloring fun!
5 dozen eggs ended up bright and beautiful!


And then it was time for the egg hunt!
Riker was off running, trying to find as many eggs as he could before his cousins got all of them!


This was the first egg hunt that Olivia has ever participated in and she did great!
She needed help spotting the eggs, but she knew that she needed to pick them up and drop them in her basket!


The fun continued with a sack race.
We needed these kids to burn off some of the energy they had from consuming so much candy!


And of course, SWIMMING!
My parent’s pool has warmed up a bit so the kids could jump right in!


Easter Sunday we woke up bright and early for our 8am church.
We’ve talked a lot with Riker about the true meaning of Easter and he knew that church was extra special on Easter Sunday!


Olivia’s dress was the prettiest thing ever and she knew just how adorable she was!


And Riker was pretty much sick of all the pictures I was taking of him…
but look at that handsome face!
How can I NOT take a million pictures of him!


It was a busy weekend and we loved every minute of it.
Holidays are always so much more special when you are surrounded by the ones you love!

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