Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Saturdays Are A Special Day

As a stay at home mom, it is easy to take Saturdays for granted.
When you spend every day of the week going to parks and story times and play groups, Saturday can quickly become just another day to play.
But after surviving the Election Season, in which my husband worked almost every single Saturday, and enduring the endless hours of Bar review, which occupied every single Saturday, I am learning just how special Saturdays can be.


There is nothing sweeter than being able to tell my children that their daddy gets to stay home and play with them all day long.
Riker is always quick to ask if we can do something special on Saturdays…usually requesting a trip to “Old McDonalds” or Jamba Juice.


TJ and I try our best to make Saturdays extra special for our kids.
Less screen time, more play time.
This past weekend, the weather was warm and we knew we wanted to be outside.
While my kids love walking down to our neighborhood park, it just didn’t seem special enough…
so we piled into the car and made a trip to the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale.


Trains and carousels and climbing walls and slides galore!
There was never a dull moment and the kids were happy to run from one area of the park to the next.
Smiles were present on every face from beginning to end.

photo 2

Days later, Riker still talks about the “far away park” (a 30-minute drive does make it pretty far away).
While it isn’t a park that we can play at all the time, it definitely made for a pretty special Saturday.

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