Saturday, April 27, 2013

Father/Son Campout

This weekend was our church’s annual Father/Son camp out.
All the men gather together their camping supplies and take the young boys up a mountain to learn how to be a man
(or something like that…I was never allowed to go on the boys only camp out so I can only imagine!)

Unfortunately, a busy day of meetings prevented TJ from getting off work in time to head up north.
Not wanting to deprive Riker of a camping experience, TJ set the tent up in the backyard and held a mini camp out instead!


Riker was beyond excited.
All he wanted to do was hang out in the tent.
Once the sun went down, Riker had the best time shining his little flashlight all over.


Of course, TJ made a rookie mistake of making some spooky ghost noises…
so Riker came inside to find his mom.
Since Olivia was snug in her bed, I joined the boys in the tent for some bedtime snuggles, just long enough for Riker to fall asleep.


And speaking of Olivia, she was not very pleased to be left out of the camping experience.
But the moment she woke up this morning, she was out the back door to explore every square inch of that tent.

PS…yes, that is a mattress inside that tent. Our air mattress is trash and the ground is hard, so TJ hauled Riker’s full size mattress outside to make the night a bit more comfortable.
PPS…yes, Riker was awake at 5:45 this morning (but that was TJ’s problem this morning…I was sound asleep!)

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Brenden+Nikki said...

So cute! Love how little boys have fun with their Daddy's no matter where they are.

Random Brenden and I were talking and I asked him who his best home teaching companion was (besides his Grandpa) and he said "Thomas Grier." And I was like "Thomas!? Um you mean TJ?" (Because I know his name is Thomas but when did we ever call him that?) and he said "yep. TJ." Which I thought was sweet :). Then I teased him for 5 minutes that he called him Thomas even though he normally calls him TJ. The end. :)