Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Stuff Riker Says

I used to call this “Conversations with a two year old”
but Riker is three now…and that’s a really long title…so I changed it.


As we are driving to a restaurant for dinner:
”Don’t worry Mom, I have the directions on my phone. It’s a pretend phone but it has the directions on it. Go right then left, up down up down, and we’ll be at the restaurant!”

Pretty much every time we tell Riker “no” he starts to argue with us and his arguments always start with:
”Well, here’s the thing…”

Sometime Riker plays too rough with Olivia and as soon as she starts to cry he shouts “Its ok, Mom! I will calm her down!”

“I’m not cute, I’m handsome!”

“I just had a bath…now I smell like a man!”

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