Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter in Arizona

Winter in Arizona is pretty much the only reason people put up with summertime.
February is always the best month ever…most days the weather is in the 70s and positively gorgeous.


We love having a space of our own in the backyard.
We spent afternoons drawing masterpieces with chalk and blowing bubbles to the sky.


The warm sunshine just draws us out and we want to spend every moment possible outside.
I even caught TJ napping outside one day.


Olivia and Riker can just wander around the backyard all day.
Olivia is obsessed with rocks and just carries handfuls around with her.
Riker plays baseball and fights off the monsters that live in the bushes.
I sit in the sunshine, reading books, and apparently getting sunburned.


We were even able to go swimming at grandma’s house.
Of course, we stayed in the jacuzzi (with the heater turned on), but it was still a warm enough day to go swimming without freezing when you got out!
February is always the best month…when we lived in Ohio and it was still snowing in February, I would dream of the warm sunny days of Arizona.
It is totally worth the excessive heat in the summer to have a beautiful winter like this!

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