Friday, February 15, 2013


Riker has been talking about “Balentimes” day for several weeks now.
Any time we saw decorations or treats at the store, he made sure to point them out.
Of course, he really wanted to buy all of the Balentimes treats that we saw…but we limited ourselves to just a few!


I spent my Valentine’s Day with the two cutest little Valentines ever.
We had smoothies, made cupcakes, and played at the park.
Pretty much a perfect Valentines Day for these two!

To my Riker: I love your silly personality and your sweet soul…you might cause me all sorts of stress every day, but it quickly melts away when you hug me tight and tell me I’m your best friend.
To my LivvyBug: You are my cuddle bug and I love it! You might be a bigger trouble maker than your brother, but I love your adventurous spirit and spunk!

When TJ came home from work, the children were quickly tucked into bed so we could celebrate Valentines uninterrupted.IMG_1546

Our real Valentine Date will be this weekend (Benihanas!), but I still wanted to make the actual day of love special.
And nothing says “I Love You” more than a pot of cheese!


We enjoyed our fondue for two while being able to catch up on our days without two kids demanding our attention!
TJ has been crazy busy with work and studying for the bar, so it was nice to take a break for a couple hours and spent some quality time together.

To my husband: I am incredibly lucky to be your wife. I love your determination and passion…you want to give your children everything and work so hard to achieve all your goals. I love how much you love your family and I know you would do anything for us!

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