Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012


Another Halloween has come and gone.
Costumes for the kids were super easy, since we already had all sorts of Buckeye gear for them to wear.


On Halloween Eve, I took the kids to my parent’s ward Trunk or Treat.
Due to the timing of our move, we missed going to a Trunk or Treat with our own ward so I was glad my parents did theirs the night before Halloween so we could attend.


On Halloween, we headed back to my mom’s house where we met up with Riker’s cousins to go Trick or Treating.
About halfway through the neighborhood, the kids buckets were getting too heavy for their little arms to carry…
luckily, Summer took Lexie out of her stroller so we just dumped all the kids candy in the stroller and continued on our way.
Now, we have plenty of candy to maintain our sugar high for the next week or so!

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