Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disneyland: Day 3

By Day 3, our bodies were tired.
Riker slept in later this morning, which we were very grateful for!
TJ and I were achy from walking around for 2 days already, so we knew Riker was tired.
I don’t think he walked hardly at all on day 3…either TJ or I carried him every where we went because his poor little feet were just too tired!


We started our morning by doing one of the few rides we hadn’t done yet…Toy Story Midway Mania.
We all love this ride…if only the line wasn’t always so darn long!


Day 3 was full of character sightings.
Not as many as I wanted, but Riker loved every one of them.

Phineas and Ferb


The Incredibles




Minnie Mouse (Riker gave her a kiss on the nose!)


Winnie the Pooh
(lovingly referred to a “Santa Pooh” because of his hat)


and Tigger, too!


We mostly did repeat rides on Day 3, since we’d gone on practically every ride on days 1 and 2.
Riker loved Autopia and felt so cool to get to drive his own car!


TJ and I took turns doing Single Riders on Splash Mountain while Riker was having a snack break.
And in the afternoon, when Riker actually fell asleep while I was holding him, TJ did single rider on California Screamin’ 4 times before Riker woke up again!


We watched the fireworks show again and this time our position was much better because we got to experience the “snow”
Riker was mesmerized by it!


We hit up a few more rides and walked out of Pirates of the Caribbean right at the finale of Fantasmic!
What an absolutely perfect way to end our amazing vacation!


When we woke up the next morning, Riker cried when we told him we weren’t going back to Disneyland.
He had the greatest time and we loved getting to share this with him!

It was seriously so much fun and we are already looking forward to going back again when Olivia is old enough to enjoy it too!

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