Monday, May 21, 2012

Ronald Eugene Knight

Last Saturday, I flew back to Arizona with my two kids and my parents.
I expected to spend the rest of the day in the pool, watching Riker play with his cousins (and possibly consume some Mexican food!).
When we landed at Sky Harbor Airport, we learned that my grandfather had died just a few hours earlier…so instead of lounging by the pool, we rushed to my grandparents house to be with our family.
The happy reunion that I had envisioned with all of my family was instead a tear-filled one.


My grandpa was an amazing man and I am so sad that my children will not have the opportunity to grow up with him in their lives.
At the funeral, my mom and all her siblings stood up to share memories that they had of their father. As I listened to all of the stories being shared, some I had heard before and others that were new to me, I was constantly saying to myself “That is so something Grandpa would do!”
My grandpa was kind, loving, hardworking, honest, trustworthy, resourceful, funny, sincere…and kind of a redneck.

I have so many memories of the time that I have spent with my grandpa: going camping, vacations in Mexico, spending time in Show low and snowflake, listening to his stories, hearing him cheer for me at my softball games, and on and on and on!
it isn’t easy to lose someone you love and my grandpa is definitely going to be missed.

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