Sunday, May 13, 2012

The END!

This past weekend was bittersweet.
TJ is done with law school.
He is done with school forever.
After being a student for the last 23 years, he is finally done with school.
As excited we are to be done with law school, it also meant it was time to leave Ohio.
And as excited as we are to move back to AZ, we are so sad to be leaving behind all the wonderful friends we made in the Buckeye state.

But TJ’s graduation was a cause for celebration, and celebrate we did.


I don’t have an awesome camera, and the lighting in the auditorium was pretty bad, so pictures from the actual graduation are pretty crappy.
But he was given his “hood” and empty diploma case (we hope the actual diploma comes in the mail soon!).


Riker and Livvy both missed naps, so pictures afterwards weren’t that great either.
But we were all so proud of our graduate and wanted to capture the moment!


The current graduate with a future graduate!


A picture with the Martindale’s was a must.
They moved into our complex a week after we did and we became instant friends.
We will definitely miss our game nights and dinners and outings with them!


The day after graduation, I boarded a plane with both kids and my parents to fly back to Arizona.
TJ stayed behind in Ohio to load up the ABF truck and finish clearing out our house.
The kids did surprisingly good on the flight but I was certainly grateful to have my parents with me, especially since Riker required multiple trips to the potty and Livvy needed an outfit change!


And now…
now the kids and I are crashing at my parent’s house for the week.
TJ will fly in on Tuesday and our ABF truck will arrive on Friday.
Riker loves that he gets to play with cousins and can’t wait to jump in grandma’s pool tomorrow.
We are eager to get settled in to our new lives here in Arizona!


alysonrobinett said...

Can't believe you're really gone!! We'll miss you!

Jonny and Brittany said...

YAY for graduation- and even more exciting you are back in AZ! Let's get together and play soon! :)