Sunday, April 1, 2012

Four Months


This adorable little girl is 4 months old today!

Facts and tidbits about Olivia at 4 months old:

*She can roll over!
She’s pretty much the bomb at rolling from back to tummy (like, as soon as I lay her down she immediately starts to roll over). Every now and then she will roll from tummy to back, but if she gets too frustrated about being on her tummy she won’t roll on her own.

*She can sit up like a champ (with support)

*she prefers to be sitting upright or standing up

*She STILL smiles all the time.

*she giggles much more frequently now, too. her laugh is my favorite sound in the world.

*She sleeps like a boss.
Olivia still does around 12 hours at night, going down around 9 and waking up around 9 each morning.

*her naps are awesome too. She takes 3 naps each day, usually for at least 2 hours each.

*she drinks 8oz of formula every 4 hours (typically 4 times a day)

*she grabs onto toys when we offer them (and grabs on to hair, noses, shirts, lips…even when they aren’t offered)

*she loves to watch and observe everything that is going on around her, turning her head every which way so she doesn’t miss a thing.


I know I’ve said this before, and I know I will say it again, but I sure do love this little girl!

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