Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday was our neighborhood’s annual Easter egg hunt.
Livvy didn’t really care.


But Riker was ready to go as soon as he saw the eggs.
Our ward’s midweek group did an egg hunt at the park earlier in the week, so he knew exactly what to do!


The most difficult part of any egg hunt is resisting the urge to open each egg as you get it.
Riker knew there was candy inside and wanted to eat it immediately!


Riker tried to share with Olivia…
but she still didn’t care.


Once all the eggs were collected, Riker was ready to start eating his candy.
This smile was only achieved because I promised him a chocolate if he smiled really big!


All of our little friends!
Getting this many kids to stay still, look in the same direction, and smile as the same time is practically impossible.


Happy Easter!

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heather said...

It's so fun to see some familiar faces in the crowd - although everyone is growing so fast! Happy Easter!