Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break

This week was TJ’s last ever spring break.
Once we have a “real job” and are finished with school, we will no longer get a week off…therefore, we wanted to take full advantage of this week.
We considered a vacation to someplace fun, but remembered that our loans are going to be due soon, so we stayed home and just made the most of each day.

The park


The weather was in the 80s all week long and was perfect for the park.
Riker loves the slides and swings!
It’s the best way to wear him out for a nice, long nap.
(and yes, this was the day of the horrific “poop in the park” incident!)

We hit the zoo in the morning and the park in the evening.


Another 85 degree day (and humid, too!) but the animals were pretty active which always makes the zoo so much fun.


Tuesday was Riker’s friend Kaylee’s birthday, so we went back to the park to celebrate with her!

Another day, another park.
Remember, we are making memories while being cheap!


This park had a big green field to play ball in, plus some shade for miss Livvy to lay in.

In an attempt to do something active that was NOT another park, we went to an indoor bounce house.


A warehouse full of inflatable bounce houses…Riker literally cried when we left (and has asked to go back every day since then!)
Livvy loved watching all the kids run around and Riker was completely worn out by the time we left.

TJ wanted to do something special with Riker on Friday, so we splurged and went to Chuck E Cheese.
Of course, Riker called it “F@#& E Cheese” the whole time which made the whole experience so much more memorable.


Riker was so excited to get to play all the games and I was happy to see that they did have a “toddler” area with games he could play all by himself.
And with all the tickets he earned, he came home with a little plastic spider that is now lost inside our house somewhere.

And Saturday was our lazy day.
It was chillier today and drizzled on and off, so we stayed home and played outside whenever the rain let up.

All in all, it was a pretty awesome spring break.

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Jen and Tyson said...

hahahahah. ____ e cheese! ha! you know tj taught him to say that. ;) silly riker! gotta love it! yay for spring break!!