Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Please don’t judge me…

The other night during dinner, I was giving TJ an updated on Riker’s potty training. We talked about pee and poop and underwear. Then I stopped and looked at my husband and said “Remember when we used to NEVER talk about poop?!” Potty training has consumed our lives lately, and it is going to be the main focus of this post. So if things like pee and poop offend you, stop reading.

This week is TJ’s spring break, which means we get to have all sorts of fun outings with him this week. Yesterday, it was a trip to a nearby park.


I was a little worried, since I knew the bathrooms at this park were still “winterized” and therefore unusable. But I figured it Riker did have an accident, we would just head home.
After playing for a while, Riker told us that he needed to pee. Rather than cut our playtime short, I thought I’d just walk Riker over to some nearby trees/bushes and see if he could pee outside. And he did! Quite successfully too…didn’t even get any on his shorts or shoes!


Soon he was off playing again. Up the stairs, down the slide, repeat. Maybe 20 minutes after going pee in the bushes, Riker said he needed to go again. No problem…we were successful the first time, we can be successful again!

I walked Riker over to the bushes, pulled down his shorts and underwear, and positioned him to go pee. Suddenly, Riker started to squat his bottom down a bit…turned a little red in the face…and pooped!

I was so shocked that he just pooped outside at the park, I wasn’t sure what to do! I yelled for TJ to bring me some wipes and all he could do was laugh.
Luckily, this park is dog friendly so there were some plastic bags available to clean up any “messes” (surely they never thought that these bags would be used to clean up after a toddler!)


We carefully cleaned up, counted our blessings that none of the poo ended up on Riker (or me!), and decided to head on home. I was completely mortified that my son had just pooped in the park like a dog…but at the same time, I was incredibly proud of him for telling me that he needed to go potty and for not being too scared to do his business in the bushes!

The last several days, it seems like potty training as “clicked” with Riker. He has finally started to “hold it” for longer periods of time, he’s been successfully pooping on the potty every day, and he is now napping in his underwear (and waking up dry!).

If you read this entire post, I am sorry for all the potty talk…and seriously, please don’t judge me! It isn’t like I intended to allow my son to poop in the park! and I promise that my next post will not contain any potty talk!


alyson said...

Ha ha that's awesome! He is a pro :)

Jonny and Brittany said...

haha so funny! YAY for Riker and yay for poop talk- I can't wait for that! :)

Brenden+Nikki said...

Ha I think that's great! We're getting ready to tackle potty training for BOTH babies and I'm hoping at least Collin picks it up as well as Ryker. He's been peeing in the toilet for almost 6 months, but we have been unsuccessful with poops. We shall see! :)

Beth said...

All I am going to say is, been there done that! ALL OF IT! LOL! GOod job Riker!