Sunday, February 12, 2012

Risky Business

If you stop by our house after 6pm on any given day, Riker is usually not wearing pants.
Mainly because his parents are just too lazy to put his pants back on after changing his diaper…
I mean, he’s going to be putting pajamas on in a few hours so why bother putting the pants back on.

Today was no different.
Riker had a diaper change around 6:30…pants were left off.
And since he was still wearing his church shirt, I just had to give him some sunglasses.

photo (2)

Pretty sure this picture will be shown at his wedding some day.
And I’m also pretty sure that Riker looks so much better sporting this look than Tom Cruise did.



Kendall Watkins said...

So cute! I love this picture. your blog template is so adorable. How did you make it?

lisa said...

Thanks! I didn't make the blog background...I got it from a site called They have directions on the site for adding their backgrounds to your blog.

Rachael said...

hahaha you are too funny!