Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cabin Fever

So far, the month of February is proving to be a pretty crappy month in the Grier house.
For a family that rarely, if ever, gets sick we sure have been hit hard this month.
And as a result, we are all feeling the cabin fever set in.

photo (9)

Our countertop has been littered with all sorts of drugs all month long.
This picture doesn’t even include the meds that Riker was recently prescribed.

photo (6)

TJ has been battling the longest lasting cold for weeks now.
Lisa started out by dealing with a wisdom tooth extraction, a root canal, and now has TJ’s cold.

photo (7)

Poor Riker started showing cold-like symptoms last Sunday.
After three days of a fever and raspy coughing, he started complaining about his ears hurting.
we headed to the doctor and discovered Riker had double ear infections as well as RSV.
His first ear infections ever, and his first time being really sick.

photo (8)

Aside from some coughing fits late at night and a runny nose all day long, Riker has been handling his sickness like a champ.
He would stand at the window most of the day, asking if we could go outside and play with the other kids he saw.
Poor little guy couldn’t understand why he couldn’t play with his friends.

photo (10)

We’d hoped that little miss Livvy Bug would stay healthy,
but she started coughing yesterday and sounds even worse today.

photo (11)

Of course, Olivia is handling her sickness much different than her brother.
While he is still up and running around, jumping on the couch cushions, Livvy chooses to spend the day sleeping.

photo (12)

Luckily, her nose isn’t too congested
and her breathing isn’t too labored.
But we plan to visit the doctor soon anyway, just to make sure she doesn’t get any worse.

photo (13)

I am so ready for all of us to be healthy again.
We miss playing with our friends, going to our music and tumbling classes, and playing at the play places.
Also…I miss chocolate.
I’ve been abstaining from sweets all month as a personal challenge for myself,
but I’m pretty sure that if I could eat chocolate right now I would instantly be healed.
chocolate has magical powers.

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E is for Elmes said...

Both your babies are too cute! Love the first picture.