Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It’s the final countdown!

According to the fancy-schmancy countdown clock that I’ve recently added to the blog,
there are only 260 more days until May 11, 2012.
Why do we care about May 11?
Oh, no biggie…
just some cute law student that I know will be GRADUATING!

tj studies

This week is TJ’s first week of his LAST year of law school.
In just 9 short months, he will be graduating!
We don’t currently have a set plan for what will happen after graduation…
but TJ has a few different options and is working hard to make sure we will have a plan by the time May rolls around.
The next 9 months will be rough, as TJ has a full school schedule
plus several extra-curriculars and side projects.
But we’ve made it through 2 years already,
so one more should be no biggie!

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