Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Croquet Anyone?

We have been dealing with some yucky weather lately.
Sure, it may only be 95 degrees…
but with 90% humidity, it feels like death outside.
Humidity is so much worse than AZ’s dry heat.
So when we finally have an evening that is cool and not death-like,
we want to spend as much time as possible enjoying that weather.
Tonight was one of those nights.
TJ rounded up a few other neighbors and they set up a game of croquet.


And while the menfolk played a few rounds of croquet,
Riker kept himself busy playing with the extra ball and mallet.


And may or may not have tried to steal balls that were being played with!


Riker thought he was bomb.com when TJ helped him actually hit the ball with a mallet!


The cutest boys EVER:


And of course, the cutest little boy I’ve ever given birth to:


Gosh my kid is adorable.
Hopefully we can have a few more cool evenings so we can spend more time playing outside!

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Jen Olson Brown said...

How fun! Really cute pictures!