Saturday, March 19, 2011

Road Trip!

Some friends and I decided we really wanted to go to Ikea.
Since the nearest Ikea is an hour and a half away in Cincinnati, we left the kiddos at home and took a little road trip!
(Well, except for baby Brock…he is still “attached” to his mama, if you know what I mean!)


Becca and Alyson are both VERY excited!


And Jen thinks Ikea is #1!


We used the self-timer on my camera quite often.



I loved this bench seating in the kitchen.
There were all sorts of storage cabinets under the bench…
definitely a must-have in my future home.


The best part of this picture is definitely Alyson…
the one poking her head out of the bottom!
Although, baby Brock is pretty adorable!


Becca primps in the mirror while Alyson and I enjoy some tea in bed (?!?)


Our trip wasn’t just about taking funny pictures…
we also purchased lots of stuff!
Being there made me wish I could trash everything in my house and just start over.
But since my bank account (and husband) won’t allow me to do that, I stuck to my budget!


Riker was the lucky recipient of a new toy box
(only $14.99!)
I think he likes it…


Unless you try to trap him inside!

I also came home with a couple of new bedside tables,a closet organizer, a popsicle mold, and a pizza cutter (just for Jen!).

We decided a trip must be made every few months…
there is always SOMETHING that you need from Ikea!

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Whit said...

You guys are HILARIOUS! I'm bummed I missed out because I'm lame and have to work. Boo! Can't wait to see your sweet buys!