Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Death by Felt

I saw this really cute idea on a craft blog and I thought
”Hey, I can make that!”
I showed it to some friends and they all said
”Hey, I want to make that too!”
So we decided to have a craft day.

Now, this project requires a little bit of prep…
and by “a little bit of prep ” I really mean “a lot of prep”…
like, everyone needed 300+ felt circles cut out.
Being the completely insane person that I am, I thought
”Hey, since all the felt is at my house, why don’t I just cut out all the circles for everyone.

I was never very good at math.
If I was, I would have realized that:
300 circles x 7 girls = 2100 circles
That’s a lot of circles.
A couple of girls came by and took their felt home to cut,
so I really only had to cut enough circles for 5 girls.
300 circles x 5 girls =1500 circles
That’s still a lot of circles.

I took advantage of Riker’s naptimes
(and completely neglected my household chores)
and managed to get all the circles cut out in time for our craft day.
And even though it was a pretty time consuming project,
the end result is pretty cute.


And, as it turns out, I lost track of counting the circles and have ended up with lots of left over circles.
So now I need another project that requires 3” green felt circles.
Any ideas?


cindy said...

Sooooo cute! You are such a Suzy homemaker.

Tyler and Karisa said...

You could do one of those topiary ball thingies. I think that's what they are called. They look like little trees... Right? Okay. I'm done.

Dawn Davis said...

there are LOTS of tutorials online for felt flower clips, and some of them are really cute.

Wade and Christie said...

I am impressed!! I want to know where you find these cute tutorials at!