Sunday, March 6, 2011

Piano Man

I took piano lessons for nine years.
From the age of 5 to 14.
I spent 30 minutes every day for 9 years sitting in front of the piano…crying.
My piano-playing skills are pretty much non-existent.
I vowed that I would never force my children to play a musical instrument.


Riker recently rediscovered his piano.


He likes to bang on it as loud as possible…


And without pants.

For what it’s worth, I wish I did know how to play the piano.
But I wish I was magically good at it…
without having to practice.


cindy said...

about $4000,worth of tears...and all I got out of it was a nap every afternoon:)

KarynBodell said...

Riker is adorable! I need to meet him!