Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sweaters and Santa

Tonight was our ward Christmas party.
It was a “Merriest Christmas Sweater” party.
Which is really just a nice way of saying
”Ugly Christmas Sweater.”


Thanks to our local thrift store,
we all had something fantastic to wear.
TJ’s is a ladies sweatshirt.
In fact, most of the men at the party were in ladies sweatshirts.
Why don’t they make ugly Christmas sweaters for men?


Riker is celebrating his first Christmas,
which basically means he has no idea what it is.
But he’ll wear whatever I put on him,
so all is well.


Santa Claus himself even made an appearance.
Riker hasn’t reached the “stranger danger” stage
and was pretty fascinated by Santa’s beard.
Santa offered Riker a tube of play dough from his bag of gifts,
but I quickly decided that Riker doesn’t need to eat that.

I was slightly bummed that Riker’s first Santa experience wasn’t more traumatic.
But with 20 more days until Christmas,
I’m sure we can find another Santa to try to traumatize my child.
(I know, I’m mean.)   

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Karen said...

I love the ugly sweaters, you guys look great! And Riker is just a doll he is getting so big! Check out my new blog title picture. I'm finally starting to update again.