Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It Snowed Today

and I didn’t take any pictures to document it.
It wasn’t really snow…
just some flurries that melted as they hit the ground.
Once it really snows,
expect pictures of Riker in his snowsuit.

In the meantime…

The end of the semester is fast approaching,
which means TJ is busy studying for finals,
which means Riker and I don’t see much of him,
which means our lives are pretty uneventful,
which means my camera is full of pictures of just Riker,
which means you get to see cute pictures of the cute baby!


See!? Completely adorable!


I know this one looks totally posed,
but it isn’t.
He was just chillin’ in the box, smiling away.
This boy certainly loves sitting in boxes.

Oh yeah, this is new.
Riker sometimes just throws his head backwards and stares at the ceiling.
I’m not gonna lie…
it’s both really weird and really funny.
Maybe it’s because I’ve dipped him upside down one too many time in an attempt to get a giggle.

We are heading to AZ on December 14th!
Then we are heading to WA on December 30th!
We are SO excited to get to see all of our family!


Brenden+Nikki said...

Those are some gorgeous eyes!!! ;)

The Jolley Family said...

So I'd love to see you in AZ. We will be there from the 18th to the 23rd. By the way, your baby is adorable!