Friday, December 10, 2010


I love completely useless gadgets.
I mean, I really LOVE gadgets!
You know, the things that are sold on infomercials.
My favorite gadget/infomercial is definitely the GT Express 101.

Cathy Mitchell is so excited to sell that thing!

Ooh, also the Magic Bullet.
magic bullet
But not the Magic Bullet Express…that thing is dumb.

Unfortunately, the rational side of me knows that these gadgets are pretty useless
(serving a limited purpose)
so I don’t actually own any of them.
I just can’t bring myself to order something off the TV.
I was walking through Macy’s yesterday when I saw this:


It’s a mini doughnut maker.

But wait, it gets better:


It’s a mini waffle maker…
that makes waffles in the shape of circus animals.

Oh, but wait!
Just one more, I promise:


A mini cupcake maker!

Now, the rational side of me knows that I do not need any of the products.
The rational side of me knows that these gadgets each serve one very specific purpose and would just take up space in my kitchen.
However, the irrational side of me really wanted to put all three in my cart.
The irrational side of me envisioned making mini foods all day long.

Luckily for my bank account, my rational side outweighs my irrational side.
And luckily for me, TJ promised that when we have our dream house
(you know, the one with the really big kitchen)
it will have a wall full of outlets dedicated to gadgets.


Lindsey said...

I really want the animal waffles too! It's my favorite! Maybe we could buy it and have joint custody.

azHarline said...

haha I love those gadgets too. But I will tell you that the Magic Bullet is not useless. I use mine all the time. Its wonderful for making smoothies, shakes, salsa, baby food, nacho cheese and so much more. Its even better when you find it brand new at a yard sale for 11 bucks.