Wednesday, November 3, 2010

1 Hour and 14 Minutes of FAME!

Another election has come and gone.
If you know TJ at all, you know he is not shy about sharing his political opinions.
So it was pretty awesome when TJ was asked to be a guest on a political podcast.

(click the picture to be redirected to the website to hear the podcast!)

One of the reasons TJ was asked to be on the show is because of this:


(again, click the picture to check out the website)

TJ and a great friend, Ryan Anderson, have recently launched a new website.
Rebel Politics is focused on voting data
(as well as some saucy campaign gossip).
If this is your kind of thing, go check it out.
If not, check it out anyway!
(I helped pick out the banner and whatnot…so that’s worth looking at!)

Disclaimer: This is, in no way, a political blog. This post is simply my way of bragging about my politically-minded husband. If you have strong opinions about anything political, please go over to Rebel Politics.

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