Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas!

I gotta admit...
I'm not feeling too holly jolly just yet.
Due to the child growing in my belly,
hubs and I are hanging out in Columbus for the holidays.
While TJ is enjoying his break from school
I still have to go to work.
And while I absolutely LOVE my job
(can you sense the sarcasm?)
it isn't giving me much time to get into the Christmas spirit.
And it definitely doesn't help to know that all my sisters are back in AZ for Christmas.
Things that I am totally going to miss this year:
*temple lights
*Christmas Eve fiesta...complete with a pinata and food from Gecko Grill!
*staying up way too late playing ridiculous games with Calli
*waking up way too early to open presents (even though we're all grown up now!)
*Christmas morning breakfast @ Gma Knight's
Basically, I'm going to miss spending Christmas with my family.
But, TJ and I are looking forward to spending time together this weekend...
especially since this is the last holiday with just the two of us.
We'll have our own mini fiesta...
decorate our own gingerbread houses...
don our matching pajamas...
and have our own holly jolly Christmas.
I plan on getting into a much more Christmas-y mood...
just as soon as I leave work tomorrow!
Merry Christmas!

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Brenden+Nikki said...

WHOO HOO!!! Only 33 days to go!!! YIPPEE!!! I can't WAIT! :)