Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

According to my camera, we had a relatively uneventful Christmas...
which is true.
It was great to spend the holiday with just the hubs
but I still tried to keep some of my family's traditions alive. family:
(Totally ignore the nasty dirty computer has since been cleaned!)
Thanks to technology, we were able to chat with my family both Christmas Eve and morning.
We chatted while my family enjoyed their Christmas Eve fiesta
(consisting of Gecko Grill...yummy Mexican food that makes me really miss AZ!)
TJ and I enjoyed our own mini fiesta
(consisting of Cafe Rio pork burritos...thank goodness I have the recipe!).
Then we attempted to decorate our gingerbread house.
I say attempt because...well, it didn't really go over very well.
For starters, the kit my mom sent was broken.
TJ tried to patch it together using frosting but...
the frosting was the consistency (and taste) of toothpaste.
Plus, it hardened in point two none of our candies would stick!
Of course we donned our matching Christmas pjs.
This picture isn't the best...
but I believe this was attempt number 286.
TJ was not willing to take any more.
Lisa + camera self timer = not so great pictures

According to my camera, we didn't do a single thing on Christmas.
But that's not really true.
We slept in...
we web-cammed (is that a word?) with the family while opening presents...
we ate sausage gravy and biscuits...
we watched the Disney Christmas parade...
we ate a yummy lunch with our bishop...
we watched Sherlock Holmes...
we vegged out on the couch and fell asleep early.
See, we totally did stuff!
TJ and I really enjoyed our quiet Christmas.
While spending the holidays with our families would have been great...
spending it alone was just as nice!


Karen said...

Love the matching jammies! You look great and I really like TJ's glasses. I'm glad you had a good Christmas! Happy New Year!

cindy said...

JUST AS NICE...JUST AS NICE...FINE! We on the other hand felt something was totaly MISSING! although Keaton did keep calling Summers Matt, TJ