Sunday, June 14, 2009

Girls Camp

This week was Girls Camp.
Months of planning.
Months of stressing.
Girls Camp was a lot of fun.
The girls say they could have stayed longer.
The leaders say 4 days was long enough.
Our skit.
People laughed. Mission accomplished.
Our dance.
We had to learn a Russian dance.
Ours was the hardest one ever.
Our song.
We sang "I Am A Child Of God" in Russian.
It was hard.
The Young Women in my ward are fantastic.
They loved being at camp, despite the frigid nights.
Thanks for an awesome week, girls!


Devin said...

Cheburashka--I miss him. Good work with the Russian.

Karen said...

Your hard work payed off, way to go. I wish I could've gone with you guys!

mckayland said...

love how happy annie looks in the first pic. precious. tell you mom that the russian castle is great. ps. totally saw both your parents at the ellingson wedding last thursday. but i didn't say hi, they don't know me.